When we started our concert series "Live At Tee Roy's Desk", our primary goal was to give the musicians of Casper a chance to show their skills to the world. Today, Anti-Mortem stopped in before a private show to lay down some killer acoustic metal/southern rock/blues.

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell would you have them play at your desk when you're surrounded by studios?"

We thought it would be a pretty cool concept. Bring in some musicians, sit them in an office setting, and let them do their thing. These cats were high energy before they walked in the door, and were somehow able to turn the level up as they sat down and destroyed any pre-misconceptions we may have had. Watch the video of their tune "Truck Stop Special"  - share it with your friends, and look for these dudes to destroy your town next time they roll through...and SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! They sweat and bleed for us...the least we could do is buy some gear! Their debut album "New Southern" drops on Tuesday, 4/29. I suggest you grab it, and play the hell out of it.

Visit Their Website Here.