Eerie!  A couple of weeks ago they find a still as-of-yet unidentified piece of roadkill in Minnesota.  Now, employees at a hospital have apparently captured a live unidentified creature, both on camera and in a cage for us all to see, in Maryland.


According to and NBC news, the animal--first observed during smoke breaks and then captured near Prince George's Hospital Center (using leftover Chinese food) resembles "a kangaroo, dog, rat mixed."  "It's got a rat tail and a head like a deer.  I don't know what it is," said X-ray technician Joe Livermore.

Many veterinarians and other animal experts are hesitant to offer opinions about mysterious creatures because it can be difficult to identify an animal from just a photo or video. Many animals, especially in the Canidae family (which includes dogs, coyotes, foxes, and wolves), can look very similar, and the exact species may only be distinguished by personally examining details such as skull shape, tail length and so on (or DNA analysis). If experts miss a detail in a fuzzy photo or video and get it wrong, they can look foolish. [Rogue Giant Rodent Caught on Camera in California]

Unfortunately for the more curious of us, the beast was eventually set free with no questions asked or answered, so we are left to wonder.  I HATE that!

Check out the full story and accompanying video, complete with the mystery animal in question.  Maybe you'll be the first on your block to figure out exactly what we're dealing with.