Several years ago I, like millions of Americans, was fired from my job. We signed up for food assistance to feed my family of five and had no shame in doing it. These people should be ashamed, though, because I'm not sure they should've bought these items with their food stamps.

True story: When I was on food stamps, I still paid cash (I was collecting unemployment) if I bought cookies or some kind of 'treat' item for my kids.

And I'm not saying people should only buy top ramen and mac 'n cheese when they're on food stamps because those aren't the most healthy thing, either, but buying premium cuts of steak and all that lobster - I'm pretty sure they could've found a better use of their monthly food assistance.

...and don't get my started on the fact that they bought five cases of Mountain Dew.

What do you think? Should they deserve to eat like this because you feel sorry for them or should food stamps be more closely monitored for the types of food they buy?