Pickleball is the greatest sport ever. Seriously, you have to love a sport that's main selling point is "not-so-athletic types, seniors...it's for everyone!".

OK, so that was a cheap shot, but it really is a fun game. Think of ping-pong, but on a volleyball court with a small net. Not a lot of running, but you still get some good cardio. It's also addictive as heck. If you're not too familiar with the "sport", check out the press release from the Casper Rec Center below:

Pickleball is a fun sport for all ages and ability levels. Pickleball is good for people new to racquet sports, those who love strategy, anyone who wants to just get some exercise, experienced racquet sport participants, athletic types, not-so-athletic types, seniors…it’s for everyone!

A free Pickleball clinic will be held at the Casper Recreation Center at 4pm on Monday, March 17. Come see why this game with the crazy name is so highly addictive and America’s fastest growing sport. More information about Pickleball can be found at www.usapa.org.

All equipment is provided. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.  Although the March 17 Pickleball Clinic is free, participants must register in advance by calling the Casper Recreation Center at 235-8383.