Take a small child with an interest for animals and insects and a wonder about life. You introduce them to science and biology, then later kinesiology and anatomy. The student then cultivates a desire to learn the internal workings of human cells and organs as they graduate from high school.

Then its off to study Pre-Med in college, after that its medical school and ultimately that child has grown up and graduates with a PHD. This same student that once had a simple interest in science, then goes on to lead a life that is committed to help cure diseases and improve the quality of life for others.

This all happens because of a teacher, who takes an interest in a young student. Best of all, it happens everyday!

That is how I see teachers, and it's only one example of hundreds I could create on how teachers impact our society.

I could go on for days talking about some of the great teachers I've had in my life. Teaching is a profession that requires a great deal of patience as well as a love of educating students and watching them learn and grow.

Most all of the teachers I know, work very long hours and for what many would consider a poverty wage. That's why its always nice when you hear someone say something positive about a teacher or just teachers in general.

Much like Matt Damon did in a recent TV interview. The reporter tries to compare Matt Damon's love and work ethic as an actor to teachers who have tenure. Damon's mother is standing next to him and she also happens to be a teacher. Watch as Matt reacts to the line of questioning and comes to the defense of teachers. (WARNING: Adult Language)