A new resident to Casper called our studios earlier today to ask if we'd help find her best friend - her dog Mimi, which went missing on Thursday evening near 2nd and Wolcott.

First off, losing your dog is a horrible feeling!  I've had my dog get out from time to time and I'm always worried sick until I locate them, so I feel her pain.  Now add to that being new to town and I can only imagine how alone and scared Mimi's family must be!

Mimi, is a long haired Chihuahua.  She is mostly brown with black and white accent coloring.  Her tags and collar are red.

There is a cash reward for anyone who can return this loving pet to her owner.

If you have seen Mimi or have any information please call Edith @ (580) 461-9158

And please help by sharing this post on your facebook page, Thanks!