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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Paint Misbehavin'
#2 - Cock-a-Doodle-Don't
#3 - Mommy's Little Mummy

Paint Misbehavin'

A Washington man intent on showing off his knowledge of art history now has a criminal history - after he was arrested for breaking into a museum and re-arranging the contents while stark naked.

The butt-naked burglar, whose name was not released, stole a car and used it to batter in the metal door of a storage facility attached to the Sedro-Woolley Museum, and then got busy with his re-organization plan. A surveillance video captured the man, who was spattered in his own blood, moving around pieces of artwork as well as ladders and construction supplies, creating patterns around the room.

Police say they believe the suspect was under the influence of drugs when he went on his curating rampage.

Source: KIRO



A performance artist was arrested after putting an extra saucy spin on the chicken dance -- by showing up at the Eiffel Tower to boogie down with a live rooster tied to

South African native Steven Cohen decked himself out in strategically placed feathers and tied the critter to his johnson before treating tourists to a 10-minute routine that left onlookers wondering just how extra-crispy his brain was. Police showed up at the scene to arrest him, leading his lawyer to say, “It’s a disgrace. With this performance, Steven Cohen wanted to evoke his situation, split between two countries.”

Source: Dangerous Minds


Mommy's Little Mummy

A woman in the former Soviet republic of Georgia is so close to her son that she shares a bottle of vodka with him every day -- even though he's been dead for 18 years.

Joni Bakaradze died at age 22, and his mom decided immediately that she didn't want to bury or cremate his body, because she wanted his infant son to grow up and "see what kind of father he had." To make sure that happened, she placed Joni's corpse into a coffin equipped with a glass viewing window and tried a number of preservation methods -- eventually settling on the booze bath.

She says, "I had a dream once. Somebody was telling me to wake up and start using vodka to care for the body. I have been using...spirit liquid poultices since then. You must not leave the body without them during [the] night, because it will turn black."

Source: Huffington Post