I've been playing the board game Monopoly since I was a little kid. It's still one of the things my son, his mom and maybe a brother or sister or two will spend a night with. I've also been going to the same Albertson's to buy groceries for years. When I go, and sometimes it's not for a coupe of weeks and others I'll be there three times in three days. When I'm to get out there is a checker there that I talk to and have been swapping stories with for over ten years. His name's Michael Tescher. He loves the radio station, always asks about the station and always has a take on a comment he heard while listening. Makes one feel good to know their work is being heard. He always asks how I'm doing, how my family is, how I'm feeling physically. And for Michael he really means it. He has true care and concern about me as a customer and as a citizen of Casper. The other day I went in the store and there was Michael. dressed up as a character from Monopoly. The store is in the beginnings of their annual Monopoly promotion. And Michael looked exactly like the character in the board game. So I thought it would be nice to put his picture up and give him a little notoriety. Because he deserves it.  If you're ever in Albertsons and you see Mike. Tell him he's doing a great job. And he'll give you that million dollar smile.