Congratulations fans of the team who won the big game! I'm not going to play spoiler just in case you plan on watching and haven't had the chance yet.  I'll just say, "Good game!" We hope that tomorrow's hangovers are few.

I was just goofing around tonight and thought that you might be interested in knowing what my favorite tv theme song of all time is. You might have realized by now that I am a big fan of tv, and know a lot of theme songs. I was going to save this valuable information for my book...but with Monday looming and all, I thought what the heck.

As I often lived with my head in the clouds it's no wonder that one of my favorite childhood shows was the original Battlestar Galactica. And the theme song, composed by Stu Phillips is what I consider a masterpiece.

The visuals in this opening sequence were stunning at the time, and I wanted a robot dog for so long. It was great for the eyes and the ears!