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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Drive Fast, Tweet Stupid, Get a Life in Jail
#2 - Foiled Again!
#3 - And the Horse He Rode in On

Drive Fast, Tweet Stupid, Get a Life in Jail

Cody Hall, who is 18, hit and killed a 58-year-old woman who was bicycling with her husband in Dublin, California, on June 9th. He was initially charged with vehicular manslaughter.

But once it came out that the high school senior had tweeted about driving 140 mph and, right after the accident, resent the message "drive fast live young," prosecutors decided that his enthusiasm for speeding justified a more serious charge. He is now facing a murder trial.  (Pleasanton Patch)


Foiled Again!

A Florida man had his crime spree foiled by cops who caught up with him after he held up a convenience store -- using a gun-shaped piece of cardboard wrapped in foil.

Timothy Foster walked into the store with one hand covering his face and brandished the fake weapon -- which the clerk initially mistook for the real thing. She told him to take whatever he wanted, but he was unable to open the cash register and settled for grabbing a charitable donation canister containing about $14 in change.

Foster dropped the cardboard gun on his way out, leading a customer who knew where he lived to give chase until cops could get to the scene and arrest him. (WKMG)


And the Horse He Rode in On

A Louisiana man was roped in by cops after he rode his horse into a bar and lassoed a stranger in order to drag him around the parking lot.

Jeremy Mouton, who was described as "highly intoxicated," knocked back several cocktails at Cowboys tavern before walking home and returning on horseback, creating a disturbance that prompted several patrons to try to coax him outside. Mouton didn't take kindly to the treatment and threw a lasso around one of the men, dragging him briefly before riding off again.

He was booked on multiple counts of disturbing the peace, second-degree battery and public intimidation, not to mention being a dad-gummed surly varmint. (Daily Mail)