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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Mama Said Lock You Up!
#2 - Coffee, Pee or ... Ewww!
#3 - One Pizza... Extra Mockery

Mama Said Lock You Up!

A Florida man who caught two teenagers breaking into his home skipped calling cops and just called one of their moms – with a cellphone that they left behind while escaping.

Juneem Barnes was taking a nap when he heard noises in the house, but thought it was just his roommate and some friends until one of the teens entered his room and bolted for the door after finding him there. The boys had piled up items they planned to steal, but ended up fleeing empty handed even leaving behind an unlocked phone that had an entry for "Mom."

Barnes' roommate dialed that number and reached the mother of the would-be thief, who told cops where to find the boys. (WPTV)


Coffee, Pee or ... Ewww!

A Missouri high school student wanted to give his teacher something more personal than an apple, so he decided to do something a little more special – by urinating in her coffee pot.

The teacher reported that her morning caffeine fix wasn't quite as smooth as usual, and had a definite chemical aftertaste. Investigators determined that the strange taste was actually human urine, and used security footage to determine the identity of the student they believed was responsible.

She reportedly sought medical attention after the incident, with a school representative saying, "She still has worries about her health concerns because she was told there is an incubation period for some particular types of diseases."

The student faces a disciplinary hearing next week. (Huffington Post)


One Pizza... Extra Mockery

Smile and the world smiles with you, but threaten a stickup and sometimes the world laughs in your face – as a Florida thug found out during a failed pizza shop robbery.

A masked Phillip Steinberg walked into a pizza place near Tampa and demanded the cashier fork over all the dough, but she thought his attempt was so cheesy that she just burst into giggles. When he tried a second time, she again shook her head and laughed, flustering him so much that he removed his ski mask and sped off in a silver Mitsubishi.

Cops quickly got on Steinberg's trail and found the car, which he had borrowed from a friend, who gave them permission to conduct a search which turned up the ski mask. Steinberg was booked on one count of armed robbery. (Tampa Bay Times)