A 34 minute power outage during the Super Bowl this weekend, started a spree of trivia questions as several friends and I waited for the game to resume.

It was during that trivia bout that someone asked a question that hit really close to home.

Wyoming is the only state in the lower 48 that can claim this distinction, what is it?

Several folks, including myself, made guesses regarding everything from amount of energy generation to the number of hunters per animal ratio in our state.  But these were not the direction this question was intended.

Then the hint came - "It's something Wyoming doesn't have, that all of the other states in the continental US have?"  Then there was a pause - "Think Baseball."

That's when it hit home!  When the Casper Ghosts left Wyoming for Grand Junction, Colorado, we became the only state in the lower 48 without a single affiliation to professional baseball.

It was a sad realization as a baseball fan.

After the departure of the Casper Ghosts there were many rumors of another Minor League baseball team or teams might be considering a relocation to Casper.  But here we are a year and half later and the rumors are gone and the clamoring for a new team to replace the one which left has faded.

It makes me wonder if Wyoming will ever have a professional baseball team again?

The map below shows the location and professional baseball teams located across the USA and Canada. (Click the map for a closer look)

Google Maps

Tell us, would you like to see professional baseball return to Wyoming?