Sylvia Jane Kirby was born in 1956 in Kokomo, Indiana. (not the Kokomo that the Beach Boys sang about)  Her biggest hit would come in 1982 with Nobody.  The song would reach #15 on the pop charts and go all the way to #1  on the country charts.  That year Sylvia also won the Academy of Country Music's "Female Vocalist of the Year" award.

I thought Sylvia was hot and wanted her to be my 6th grade teacher. (sorry, Mrs. "M.") I'll always regard this song as the first one that I ever got sick of hearing...they played it all the time!  Funny how now, I'll sometimes catch myself humming it.

You're in luck!  We have her on a live appearance.  You certainly have to admire the quality of the music specials that these people performed on back then, and also the lack of auto-tune.  Enjoy!