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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Urine Trouble
#2 - Out of this World Drunk
#3 - Packing Heat

Urine Trouble

A Seattle man was taken into custody after he went a little too far in going with the flow – by urinating all over the inside of a police car despite having an adult diaper on.

The man, whose name was not released, had already gotten his feet – and some other stuff – wet when he peed on a bed and the floor when he was taken to a hospital after being found passed out drunk. Nurses called in officers because he said he didn't care where he peed or who he peed on, then spat on one staffer.

When cops arrived to transport him to jail, he threatened to turn the waterworks on again – a threat he made good on midway through the trip.(KBOI)


Out of this World Drunk

A Georgia man was arrested for DUI after fleeing the scene of an accident and ending up on a stranger's porch – insisting that aliens had transported him there.

Cops responding to a 911 call found a car in a ditch with a woman in the passenger's seat, bleeding and rambling about someone trying to kill her. They also found a cell phone that had a profile corresponding to a man named Joel Lankford – who, coincidentally, was spotted loitering on a nearby porch.

He told a second set of officers that he had been brought to the house by extra-terrestrials, a story they attributed to the fact that he smelled strongly of alcohol and was "very unsteady" on his feet. (Loganville Patch)


Packing Heat

A Minnesota woman triggered panic when she tried to stage a home invasion robbery – while armed with a squirt gun!

Renee Lynn Memije was charged with assault and burglary after she entered a residence packing some serious heat – in the form of a toy gun filled with a solution made of water spiked with jalapeno and cayenne pepper. When the homeowners interrupted her entry, Renee sprayed them both in the face, but the man was able to wrestle her to the ground and hold her until police arrived.

She faces up to 20 years in prison, and has a number of conditions on her parole, including not being allowed to drink alcohol or enter places where it is served. (Feribault County Register)