About 500 miles of Wyoming Interstate Highways will increase their speed limits from 75 mph to 80 mph on Tuesday, July 1st.

Even though the states speed limits will increase on certain stretches of Wyoming Highways, the Wyoming Department of Transportation is warning drivers not to exceed the posted speed limits until the new signs are in place.

WYDOT is going to be busy over the next several days putting up the new speed limit signs on the remote stretches between Wyoming's major cities.

Basically, we need to continue to drive the posted speed limit until the signs go up showing that it's now 80 mph.  If you are traveling at a rate of speed higher than the posted speed limit - you will get a ticket!

Here are the stretches of Wyoming Interstate Highways that will be getting a speed increase:


Mile Post 18 to Mile Post 135 from Cheyenne north to Douglas

Mile Post 141 to Mile Post 185 from Douglas to Casper

Mile Post 190 to Mile Post 297 from Casper to Buffalo


Mile Post 48 to Mile Post 82 from Bridger Valley To Green River

Mile Post 110 to Mile Post 165 from Rock Springs to Wamsutter

Mile Post 373 to Mile Post 400 from Cheyenne to Pine Bluffs


Mile Post 59 to Mile Post 123 from Buffalo to Gillette

Mile Post 130 to Mile Post 170 from Moorcroft to Sundance


Remember to be safe on Wyoming roads and always buckle up!!