Each weekday, Rodeo Rick scours the web for the best and weirdest news headlines from around the world. We proudly present you with the best Redneck Headlines and the stories behind them.

Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - If At First You Don't Succeed...Give Up!
#2 - Pitty The Fool
#3 - The Real Slim Shades-y

If At First You Don't Succeed... Give Up!


A Georgia crook had two robbery attempts foiled in one day by potential victims who just said "no."

Alex McCray walked into an accounting office at a mall and handed a note to the woman behind the front desk, demanding all the dough in the cash register. Too bad for him, there was no cash register, since the office didn't collect cash from its clients in the first place. Showing some good old-fashioned persistence, McCray took the note back and went two doors down to a gift shop, where he tried again -- only to have the clerk on duty tell him she couldn't read English.

Another mall employee jotted down a description of McCray and his car, leading cops to arrest him a short time later. - Gwinnett Daily Post


Pitty The Fool

A crook in New York state went to rob a drug store using his A-team disguise, but not his A-game escape plan.

Investment banker Edgar Repko, Jr. was nabbed after breaking into a pharmacy in an attempt to steal hydrocodone and xanax while wearing a Mr. T mask – a plan that led cops to link him to an earlier burglary in which he was allegedly sporting a Mike Tyson mask. Repko, a highly placed executive in the financial services industry, was charged with felony attempted burglary. - Times Record-Herald


The Real Slim Shades-y

Bank tellers don't give passes to crooks who wear glasses – at least not in one Massachusetts town, where a quick-thinking employee told a robber he couldn't have any cash unless he took off his shades.

The thug, who is still at large, entered the bank and gave a note to the teller saying that he had placed a bomb in the building and would detonate it unless he was handed a large sum of cash. The teller didn't refuse outright, but told the man he had to remove his glasses first. When he balked, the teller told him to get out – which he did, in a hurry.

No explosive devices were found in or around the bank. - Andover Eagle Tribune

A wanna-be burglar in Georgia is in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.