If the smell of fresh pizza sitting on the front seat drives you wild, start dropping hints to your sweetie for Valentines Day: Pizza Hut is giving away its new Eau de Pizza Hut cologne just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The scent actually began as a joke on the company’s facebook page in Canada but the company soon produced a prototype.

The fragrance is not yet available for purchase. “We’d rather sell the real deal,” Fuller joked — though the company is evaluating demand. In the meantime, Pizza Hut is giving away 72 bottles of the stuff this week via a Twitter contest. Hurry though!  If you want to try to get your hands on one, tweet your most impassioned plea to the company by Wednesday using the hashtag #lastminutelovers. Winners will receive a $20 gift card as well as a bottle of Eau de Pizza Hut. Aphrodisiac effect not guaranteed.

But guys, before you douse yourself in Eau de Pizza Hut on Thursday, you may want to listen to Tony Gemignani, the 11-time world pizza-throwing champion and owner of four California pizzerias.

“I’ve come home from work smelling like pizza every day for 22 years,” he said, “and my wife always complains.”