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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Man Accused of Slapping Crying Kid on Airplane
#2 - Mother Arrested For Stripping Onstage During School Assembly
#3 - Pizza Shop Offers Discounts to Gun Owners

An airline passenger traveling from Minnesota to Georgia allegedly slapped a kid for crying during the flight. Here’s what’s even worse… It wasn’t his kid.

Joe Rickey Handley of Idaho was sitting next to Jessica Bennett and her two-year-old son, who began crying as the plane started to descend.

According to Jessica, Joe Rickey slapped the baby in the face with an open hand, which, of course, caused the kid to scream even louder.

That's when fellow travelers stepped in.

Jessica said she was thankful that other passengers brought Joe Rickey, who is facing federal assault charges, under control until law enforcement officials took over. (Yahoo News)


In New York state, a mom is facing charges of child endangerment and lewdness after she got on stage during an assembly at her son’s school and started to strip.

24-year-old Aydrea Meaders’ dance routine was bad enough to have school officials stop the assembly and clear the auditorium.

Aydrea was arrested and thrown in jail while her son will certainly be teased on the playground for years to come. (MSN)


Pizza Shop Offers Discounts to Gun Owners

Virginia Beach’s All Around Pizza restaurant is making headlines for offering a 15% discount on pies to all gun owners.

Owner Jay Laze started the promotion in an effort to show his support of Second Amendment rights. He says, “I thought it was a great idea, and I was wondering why nobody here was doing it. It should be happening all around the country.”

Jay openly carries himself and his support of gun ownership is incorporated throughout his business. He adds, “I actually hire delivery drivers that do carry openly.” (WTKR)