We’ve sweated out many a sleepless night wondering whatever we would do if skeletal armies assaulted us. The answer, it turns out, was always in our freezers. As ‘Pizza vs. Skeletons’ attests, pizzas are far more than the world’s perfect food. They’re also bouncing discs of undead destruction.

Another gem from the Tucson-based outfit Riverman Media (‘Cash Cow,’ ‘Madstone’), the tilt-and-tap twitch puzzle uses gothic imagery to underline its ludicrous battles. Knocking you over with a dizzying amount of play modes and customization options, the setup tasks you to memorize patterns of marauding, weapons-wielding bonebags, tapping the screen to leap over enemies while using the gyro sensor to tip your device and satisfyingly steamroll them.

To force in more replay value, the scoring system apes the ‘Cut the Rope’ style of rating your play on stars. It’s not always clear what you need to do to up your star rank, and we found ourselves mostly ignoring it to plow into the next level.

Also frustrating is the bonus-determining post-game roulette wheel, which brought to mind the ‘Price is Right’ dollar wheel. For a game based on precision, inane randomness seems like a harsh way to dole out game-changing score additions.

We couldn’t stay mad at ‘PVS’ for long, though. The visual design and frenetic play kept us coming back. We weren’t all that into playing dollhouse with our pizza, but for those who are into that sort of thing, the game lets you dress it up in funny dressings and palate swaps.

The highest honor we can pay the game is it held our interest for so long, we allowed the pizza sitting in front of us to get cold. “Just one more level,” we told ourselves, repeating that every eight. We just couldn’t get enough of the game’s extra cheese.

RATING: 8.5/10

‘Pizza vs. Skeletons’ ($3), was developed by Riverman Media and is available on iOS. The publisher provided a review code. For this review, we played the game for three hours on an iPod Touch.