If you're like me, you not only have no fashion sense whatsoever, but you also appreciate it when an ordinary citizen takes a stand against crime and refuses to become a victim.

So with that in mind, I'm loving Lindsay O'Brien.

A 10-weeks pregnant Lindsey didn't think twice about running down a dude who punched her in the forehead and made off with her purse.

When she caught up with career-criminal, Vaughn Matthews, and tried to reclaim her property--the man then punched her in the stomach and broke her wrist.

Undeterred, Lindsay put her three plus years of kick-boxing training to good use and delivered a blow to the man's shin that broke it in two places.

Officers say they found Matthews, screaming in pain, lying on the street.

Afterwards, O'Brien and her expected newborn were checked out a local hospital and given the "all-clear."

Her bravery will also extend to the courtroom where she is expected to testify against her assailant at his upcoming hearing as reported by CBS Philly.