Bad news continues to bombard those hoping to play Prey 2 any time soon. The long-distance sequel to the 2006 shooter has not only been delayed for the 400 millionth time — now bumped to next year — but the game’s developer has apparently long since stopped working altogether on the sequel.

Developer Human Head has been on a holdout since November, refusing to plug away at Prey 2 until it works out a better contract. Like a high-priced free agent running back who’s coming off a career year, the developer is playing hardball, and may be jeopardizing the future of its long-term project in the process.

Publisher Bethesda and its daddy, ZeniMax, aren’t saying whether or not it will work things out with Human Head or yank the project away and hand it to another developer. Hopefully this is just like that part in an action flick when all seems loss, and then the hero decides that this time it’s personal and starts to take care of business.

[Via Shacknews]