Chickens are legal to raise, NOW WHAT?? You may now have fried chicken dinner made with chickens from your own back yard. While Casper has already cleared the way for growing your own, the final vote from Cheyenne City Council on Tuesday night resulted in a 6 to 4 vote, in favor of the chicken ordinance which will allow chickens in the city of Cheyenne.  However there are some rules to follow:

Home owner association’s restrictions and rules still apply and they trump city ordinances. To raise chickens at home, you’ll have to get permission from not only your neighbors, but every adult in your household, you’re only allowed 6 CHICKENS and… NO ROOSTERS!,

One additional note you need to know about; you have to have your chickens contained in a predator resistant coop.

So keep them fed, clean, warm and safe from predators, especially, from the notorious CHICKENHAWK.

On the serious side, raising chickens is a serious subject that I encourage you to research. With The Jackson Hole News & Guide, you can find out the fun side of raising your own, and how much enjoyment you can get from just having them around. You may want to check out when deciding what kind to get. I like getting advice from a local who knows, like Ben from Murdoch’s.

I believe in being as self sustaining as possible, enjoying God’s creatures and want to stress the responsibility that goes with animals. If you take it on, do it right and enjoy. Do your homework and take the time to see how others are doing it as they share their real world knowledge, like this family.