In 2004, Poison singer Bret Michaels teamed up with Jessica Andrews to record ‘All I Ever Needed.’ The song appeared briefly on the Billboard country charts, but never caught on with radio or mainstream country fans. For longtime supporters of the ’80s rock band’s frontman, it’s difficult to listen to any ballad he sings without wanting to belt out, “Every rose has its thorn / Just like every night has its dawn.”

Much of Michaels’ solo work has had a country or country-rock vibe. In addition to the ‘Freedom of Sound’ album, he released ‘Custom Built’ in 2010. That project featured a duet with Miley Cyrus called ‘Nothing to Lose,’ a love ballad that drew criticism as Cyrus was not quite 18-years-old when it was recorded. Michaels is still looking for his first country hit.