I'm starting to think my greatest talent is daydreaming about how much I enjoyed growing up in the 1980s. Kids, I know you don't believe me, but you missed out. And because I feel a little sorry for you, I'm going to try to bring some of the '80s to you in the form of videos, photos, and memory recollections from yours truly. From mullets to crimping, Rubik's Cubes to Strawberry Shortcake, we'll try to give each and every one of you a reason to miss the '80s.

First up - The Trapper Keeper. 

In the '80s, since home computers were still relatively new and expensive, we didn't all have a laptop to store our valuable information needed for school. What we had was the next best thing - the Trapper Keeper. 

Yes, kids, these invaluable, plastic-protected, velcro-closed, 3-ring binders were more than just a laughing subplot for South Park viewers. They were all too real, and the rage for us back in the '80s. Created by Mead, Trapper Keepers were a must when the time came to go back-to-school shopping. The revolutionary devices came in multiple colors, with multiple designs and themes. They were the perfect home for our new Trappers - unique folders featuring a diagonal pocket instead of a horizontal, which kept your important papers from falling out of them. This still didn't seem to prevent homework from getting eaten by the family dog. Trappers also had cool conversion charts printed on the insides for easy reference.

We were all stylin' with our Trappers, and finally education was fun again! I think I still remember that new Trapper smell. 

Unfortunately, after two days (at least with me), you realized the Trapper Keeper was more work than it was worth.  It was bulky. The overlapping cover didn't lay flat, so it was awkward in my small locker. And I never did homework so all I kept in them were doodles and a few wads of ABC gum. The only thing I did with the conversion charts was marvel at the fact that I was named after a weight increment. Still, every year I still managed to convince myself and my parents that I needed a new one.  The results would always be the same. Good times! 

If you care to experience one for yourself, the fad was revived back in 2007.

Good times!

Speaking of the '80s, did you recognize Full House babe, Lori Loughlin, from that first clip?