With Memorial Day marking what most people believe to be the beginning of summer. It marks the beginning of people spending more time outside or heading into the great outdoors!

It also marks the beginning of pest and insect season.  Are you ready for all of the Flies, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Snakes and all kind of furry little varmints that will be gnawing into your homes or coming out at night to give us the ebejeebies!

Watching a movie last night, I swatted my first mosquito of the year. It started me thinking about all the pests that drive us crazy and I quickly put together a list of my top 5 all time pest movies.  Take a peak at the list and let me know what you think?

#5 - Snakes On A Plane

This 1996 film features Samuel L. Jackson as Bad Guys fill a plane with snakes to kill a witness. Though it may be a bit farfetched, its about the only reason I can come up with to JUMP from a perfectly good airplane.

#4 - The Birds

In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock created one of the creepiest movies of its time. Still a classic horror flick as massive flocks of birds reek havoc on a quiet little town.

#3 - Mimic

1997, an entomologist genetically creates an new cockroach type insect to kill roaches carrying a virulent disease.  Instead creates a cockroach that can mimic humans and we become the prey.  Cockroaches are icky nasty creatures - nuff said!

#2 - Arachnophobia

This 1990 film about eight legged creatures put a ringing in my left ear that lasted for a week. Actually it was the date I took to the movie, as she jumped on my lap and screamed in my ear, every time the screen flooded with spiders!

And topping the best all time pest movie list is:

#1 - Caddyshack

I know its more of a golf movie instead of a pest movie. But, its also a great movie about a greens keeper and his assistant trying to rid a golf course of gophers. Bill Murry as Karl Spackler, is "Licensed to kill gophers, by the government of the United Nations". Besides, who among you haven't found yourself doing the gopher dance? There are so many reasons to make it my #1 pick, so I did!

Now let us know, what are some of your favorite pest movies?