I love going to the Fair! Love the deep fried candy bars, the deep fried Twinkies and all of the other deep fried foods. Plus I enjoy the midway games, the carnival rides and did I mention that I LOVE the deep fried foods yet??

But how can you tell if you're at a bad fair? Let me think...

As the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo is in full swing and the PRCA rodeo action has been amazing with more to come!  I find myself a bit sad that after this week winds down, so will this years 2011 CWF&R.  I love the Fair!!

After spending several evenings at the fair already this year. I started cracking fair jokes with friends and it occurred to me. I should come up with a list of some funny ways to tell whether or not you're at a bad fair!


Note: None of these relate to our CWF&R - at least as far as I've seen - with that being said:


Here are my Top 5 ways to tell that you are attending a BAD Fair:

#5 - The spider web above the prize-winning pig has no words in it.

#4 - The petting zoo consists of a hamster, a cat, and an old man asleep in a rocking chair.

#3 - All the cars in the demolition derby are hybrids.

#2 - Nobody else in the crowd whoops or hollers, when you shout "Git-R-Done!"

And my #1 way to tell you're at a Bad Fair - Two words: No Mullets!

Can you add any to my list? If so, leave a comment and share them with us.

We hope you'll stop by the My Country 95.5 van and take a shot at cracking the Reliant Federal Credit Union - Loan Arranger's Safe box for your chance to win a personal watercraft or ATV. We will be at the CWF&R each night from 5p to 9p. Our special thanks to Reliant Federal Credit Union.