Mrs. Pauline Schultz, Salt Creek Museum

It is with a very sad heart and steady reluctance that I, friends and family from the Midwest area, and hundreds around the country will all join together this Saturday to remember and honor the memory of Pauline L. Schultz.

Pauline, founder and curator of the renowned Salt Creek Museum, and pillar of  our small community, quietly passed away on October 30, 2011. 

I personally knew Pauline and her husband, Walt.  They were very close to my grandparents, and I even took care of their lawn once in a while.  They were some of the most joyful, respected, and pleasant people that you would ever care to know.  They also took great pride in being "Oilers."

Not too long ago, I wrote a story for our website about Pauline's labor of love.  I'd heard that she had been in declining health for the past several years but I guess I refused to believe that she would actually answer that "higher calling."  Pauline's obituary can be read here.

The museum piece made me remember and reflect on all the memories from my years in Midwest.  Pauline's death has made me reflect on them even more so.  I am grateful, yet I am very sad.  Pauline is now truly part of the collection in that little museum.  She will be forever immortalized with all of its other contents and history, and not just as someone who had the foresight and will to put it all together. 

I'd like to say again:  Thank you Mrs. Schultz.

Services for Pauline L. Schultz will be held this Saturday at 2 pm at the Restoration Church on 2nd and Walsh.  Following the service, there will be a graveside interment and memorial at Highland Park Cemetery, followed by a potluck luncheon, again to be held at the Restoration Church.  All are invited to attend and to share in paying respects to this very special lady.