Hey Monday!  *&$%@##!!*&^%!!

Now maybe some of you are having a good day.  We're very happy for you!  Move on.  There's nothing to see here.

Now for the other 99% that does indeed have a gripe or two about the beginning of another work week, we certainly sympathize with you.  It's been one of those kinds of days and we're struggling to keep it all in perspective as we resist the urge to tell the boss to take a flying leap.

Maybe we have a remedy.  Let's take a step back to a simpler time...the late 1970s and early '80s.  It was a time when a lot of us were young and carefree, and had no idea of the crap that would be lining up for us in our future.    It was a time for animation after school and where Saturday morning cartoons were an event.   Though we might not care to admit, we actually did some of our best learning in this environment.

So in order to make you forget how obnoxious a Monday can really be, we offer up some old school Schoolhouse Rock.  Thank you YouTube for continually allowing me to melt the years away and remember the good old days.  So sing with me.  Sing it for the year...I know you'll remember the words.

We might just have to make this a regular feature.