Up-and-coming country group Due West will be rolling into Casper and Sneakin' to the Beacon to perform tonight.

Meet Matt Lopez, Brad Hull and Tim Gates, members of the group Due West.  Matt is a Wyoming native and according to the group bio, grew up in a musical household in this great state of ours before moving to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams.

When the trio first met, they started harmonizing together at a party and knew they had something special together.  Now, like most new artist out of Nashville, Due West has been crisscrossing the country playing to crowds, both large and small and gaining new fans every place they perform.

Next stop - the Beacon Club!

Here is your chance to check out a new rising group from Nashville, before they become a household name.

You may have seen Due West on GAC, but now, you can see them live at the Beacon Club in Mills!  This special all-ages show starts tonight at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are only $15 and will be available at the door first come, first serve.

Congratulations to Barbara Muller who is our VIP winner and will get the chance to meet the band prior to the show!

Check out the video of Due West performing - Things You Can't Do In A Car!