Last week I was doing a little channel surfing and ran across a movie that was much like a train wreck, you just couldn't get past it.

On the SyFy channel this campy, instant cult classic called Sharknado grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. It stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as well as a number of other notables that can't act either. But that shouldn't take away from the enjoyment you will have by spending a little time with this epic film.

Immediately after it's first showing the film blew up on social media and folks have been clamoring for a second look. You my friend are in luck as the SyFy channel will be running the movie again tonight and if you have not yet figured out how to run your TIVO or DRR now is the time to learn the ins and outs so that you can watch this pic as often as you like. Oh and more good news, Sharknado 2 has been given the green light for production, will be filmed in New York City and will be available in 2014.

Here is what you have been missing.