John Moore, Getty Images

The holidays are here!  Thanksgiving will soon give way to hoards of people clamoring for Black Friday deals at big box stores across the country.  But will those shoppers you really get the best bang for their buck?

Small businesses are second on the customer confidence list with 67 percent of respondents to a gallop poll showing small businesses as trustworthy. Only the U.S. military scored higher.

While politicians bicker with each other and Wall Street focuses on the their pocket book, Main Street USA remains the lifeblood of our economy and our communities.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for most of the jobs in this country, and small businesses create most of America’s net new jobs.

You've probably never met the owner of a big department store, but there’s a good chance you know several small-business owners. They’re our friends and neighbors. They’re among the most generous supporters of civic groups, local charities, youth sports, schools and virtually every other form of community activity.

Small businesses do a lot to help our community, and, on November 28, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, you can find great local deals and thank them.

That’s because November 28 is Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Black Friday.

Black Friday, of course, is the day when families wake early, sit in traffic, compete with other for parking spots, jostle with crowds and stand in line to buy things no one asked for or really wants.

Small Business Saturday is the opposite of that. Small Business Saturday is when you shop at small, locally-owned businesses for things you simply can’t find at the mall, and instead of dealing with temporary workers who don’t know the merchandise, there’s a good chance you’ll be dealing directly with the owner who cares very much about making you happy so you’ll come back time and again throughout the year.

The campaign to “shop small” on the Saturday after Thanksgiving started in 2010 as an effort to give small businesses many struggling to get out of the red after a long recession a much needed shot in the arm.

Since then, it has become a powerful movement to give back to the brick-and-mortar establishments that line our Main Streets and keep our communities vibrant.

When you shop local and shop small, you’re supporting your community. When you shop at a chain store, most of the money goes back to some corporate office somewhere else, but when you shop on Main Street, most of that money stays here at home.

This year, make a difference in your community. Shop local on Small Business Saturday!