I love to cook (and eat) steak!  Follow along as I start a Forrest Gump like rant - T-Bone Steak, New York Strip, Filet Mignon... you get the drift.  It doesn't matter if they are grilled, pan fried or oven broiled, I love steak!

But I also love to buy my steak on sale, so I freeze a lot of steak throughout the year.  So I've always wondered which way of cooking steak is better - letting the steaks thaw or cooking them frozen without thawing.

I know on a time basis, thawing might take a bit more work to set them out and let them thaw before cooking.  But your cooking time is MUCH shorter than trying if you were to cook from frozen.

But what about taste?  Which cooking technique provides the juciest best tasting steak?

Well you are about to find out and I think the findings might surprise you!

Source: America's Test Kitchen