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Did You Identify this Tool Correctly?
Cleaning out some boxes in my dad's garage last fall, I discovered this really cool tool which I had never seen before. But what could it be and what was it used for?
Casper, We Need to Talk About our Hike and Bike Paths
There have been some really cool improvements recently added along the Casper hike and bike trail, also know as the Platte River Parkway, but there is some work that appears to have been neglected and needs to be done!
FREE ‘Family Museum Ride’ on Saturday, May 26th, 2018
When was the last time you and your family spent time visiting some of Casper's museums?  Here's a chance to check out several of them all on one day and help them out at the same time.
American Legion Post #2 and the Post #2 Riders is hosting a family ride (and drive) on Saturday, May…