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What Casper Intersections Make You Crazy During Your Commute?
We all have a traffic light or intersection on our daily routes around town that drive us crazy.  Whether it takes forever to change, doesn't stay green for more than a couple cars to go through, or maybe you feel a light is needed/not needed at all?   We want to hear from you!  …
Wyoming State Fair Performers
The Wyoming State Fair announced today that country music stars Chris Janson and Sawyer Brown will be co-headlining a concert in the Wyoming State Fair Grandstands on Friday, August 19, 2016.
“Ride The Wave” At The Natrona County 4H Carnival
The 4H Carnival is this Saturday March 12, 2016 at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building.  This year’s theme is “Ride The Wave”  All the booths will be decorated in a western theme and there will be a variety of booths available to entertain the kids.  There will be a good selection of food in the lun…
Does Wyoming Really Have A $6.7 Million Lost Treasure? [VIDEO]
According to Commander Treasure Force of InvestigatingHistory.org
there may be a $6.7 Million Dollar Fortune lost somewhere in Wyoming!
Although he isn't sure how to pronounce "Washakie" County, it seems he may know a little something about Wyoming History...
Natrona County High Schools Announce 2nd Quarter Honor Rolls
Congratulations to students who qualified for 2nd Qtr. Honor Rolls. Be proud of your excellence!
Strong Work!
Natrona County High School
Principal Honor Roll:  4.0 GPA and minimum of 5 classes
Seniors: Austin Anderson, Humberto Andrade, Sabrina Andrade, Blake Beddes,
Annika Belser, Matthew Benardis, Kyle…
Casper's Senior Pets In Need Of Forever Homes [PHOTOS]
I am an animal lover and nothing breaks my heart more than seeing senior pets who continually get passed up for adoption. I wish I could help every unwanted pet, young or old, a safe, warm, loving home, but unfortunately, it just isn't possible.
Best Wyoming Photo Bomb Ever
It was the perfect photo bomb for Trisha's son who is an avid outdoors man and a great memory for his senior year!
Missing Child In Casper-Dustin Ammerman Family Seeks Your Help
The Ammerman family is seeking your assistance in finding their son, Dustin Ammerman.  Dustin was last seen Sunday evening.  He was wearing a grey ball cap and green and white Nike tennis shoes.  Please call if you have any information on Dustin's whereabouts...