St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year and it's like a dream come true for those who will be celebrating in the traditional way.  

With the holiday being on a Saturday you can pretty much start drinking as early as you want and continue drinking as late as you want, with Sunday being a day for recovery.

But just because you don't have work on Sunday, doesn't mean you should suffer from the worst hangover ever.

Here are some tips for avoiding having to spend all day Sunday lying in bed.

1 -Before going to sleep Saturday night (providing you haven't passed out), drink as much water as you can. This will keep you hydrated through the night.

2 - If you wake up and have an upset stomach, take an antacid.

3 - Eat breakfast right after you wake up. Drinking lowers you blood sugar, which makes your hangover worse. So eat something like an egg, or a banana.

4 - Do not drink any alcohol at all on Sunday. This especially means no "hair of the dog."

5 - Continue to re-hydrate by drinking immediately upon waking on Sunday morning.

Remember - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!  Think before you drink and we hope you all have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day weekend!

Source: Joe.IE