The Starz Denver Film Festival (SDFF), sponsored by Starz Entertainment and produced by the Denver Film Society, announced today its full Festival schedule. The complete lineup of films for the 37th edition, which runs November 12-23, is available at

Recognized as the Rocky Mountain Region's premier film event, SDFF attracts nearly 58,000 filmgoers and is widely recognized for presenting Academy Award® and Independent Spirit Award-winning films, such as The Artist, Black Swan, Brokeback Mountain, Nebraska, No Country for Old Men and Silver Linings Playbook - well before their collective accolades.

SDFF will screen more than 250 features, shorts, student films and music videos representing over 40 countries along with selections under Denver Film Society's signature programs such as Cinema Q, Stanley Film Festival and Women+Film. This year, SDFF shines a spotlight on cinema from Brazil, known for its widly diverse range of cinematic treasures. The annual "Focus On a National Cinema" program features 14 Brazilian films. Foxcatcher directed by Bennett Miller and Wild directed by Jean-Marc Vallée were added as Gala Presentations. As previously announced, Red Carpet Presentations are 5 to 7, The Imitation Game, Keep On Keepin' On, Like Sunday, Like Rain and Touch the Wall. Special Presentations include: '71, Clouds of Sils Maria, Little Accidents, The Look of Silence, Red Army, Seymour: An Introduction, Two Days, One Night and WildLike.

"Every November we launch what we think is a collection of the year's best films; American independents, insightful documentaries, world cinema selections and enlightening short works," says Artistic Director, Brit Withey. "The 2014 program, anchored by an incredibly diverse 14-film focus on Brazil, is one we are all proud of."




Foxcatcher - USA - (DIRECTOR Bennett Miller, PRODUCERS Bruna Papandrea, Reese Witherspoon WRITERS E. Max Frye, Dan Futterman CAST Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Sienna Miller) - Foxcatcher, the highly anticipated film from Bennett Miller, the Oscar®-nominated director of Capote and Moneyball, presents an unrelenting glimpse into the dark underbelly of the American Dream. The disturbing, psychological crime drama relays the true account of events leading up to the murder of Olympic wrestling champion Dave Schultz's in 1996. After famed wrestling brothers Mark and Dave Schultz fall under the influence of the wealthy John E. du Pont, they soon find he is a benefactor turned butcher. The film features an eclectic ensemble cast with Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, Channing Tatum as Mark Shultz, and an unrecognizable Steve Carell as the sinister and schizophrenic John E. du Pont.Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Wednesday, November 19 ( 7:00pm), UA Pavilions
Wild - USA - (DIRECTOR Jean-Marc Vallée, PRODUCERS Bruna Papandrea, Reese Witherspoon WRITERS Nick Hornby, Cheryl Strayed CAST Reese Witherspoon, Gaby Hoffman, Laura Dern) - This follow-up to Dallas Buyers Club from director Jean-Marc Vallée offers a uniquely female perspective on the human-versus-nature genre. Reese Witherspoon proved she could tackle a biographical role with her Oscar-winning 2006 portrayal of June Carter in Walk the Line. In Wild, she plays Cheryl Strayed, on whose best selling-autobiography the film is based. The story of why Strayed chose the lonely path is slowly revealed. The death of her mother, her divorce, and heroin abuse lead her to the 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail, where she learns the hard way how ill-prepared she is. All the while she presses on, furiously scribbling her experiences in her journal. As her character survives the elements and the potential threat of strangers, Witherspoon shines again.
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures



Each year the festival shines the spotlight on one particular country in order to illuminate its range of onscreen treasures. In the summer of 2014 as the world turned its attention to the spectacle that was the World Cup, we carefully explored the country's cinematic coffers and were delighted to unearth a robust, multi-faceted and history-laden collection of works that are imbued with the Brazilian spirit. A country that contains two of the largest metropolitan populations in the world yet holds the majority of the Amazon rainforest within its borders, Brazil's filmmaking community is as diverse as its landscape.

Feature Films:

August Winds, Directed Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas
Black Orpehus, Directed Marcel Camus
Casa Grande, or the Ballad of Poor Jean, Directed by Fellipe Barbosa
Castanha, Directed by Davi Pretto
The Exercise of Chaos, Directed by Frederico Machado
Futuro Beach, Directed by Karim Ainouz
The Game, Directed byPedro Coutinaho
If God Comes Let Him Bring a Gun, Directed by Luis Dantas
Jonathas' Forest, Directed by Sergio Andrade
The Man of the Crowd, Directed by Marcelo Gomes, Cao Guimarães
Rhythms of Resistance, Directed by Jason O'Hara
Riverrun, Directed by Paulo Sacramento
Short Films:

The Sun Called Blind, Directed by Toti Loureiro
The Unfamiliar, Directed by Diogo Cronemberger


Queer Voices. Queer Visions. Queer Lives. Experience the best in films that convey every angle of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer rainbow through the Cinema Q program during the festival, as well as year-round.

Feature Films:

Castanha, Directed by Davi Pretto
Futuro Beach, Directed by Karim Ainouz
Special DéjàQ Presentation:

Limited Partnership, Directed by Thomas G. Miller
Back by popular demand, Cinema Q Film Festival's Audience Award-winning doc returns with an extended panel featuring filmmaker Thomas Miller, former Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex, current Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall and the History Colorado Museum.



Women+Film is a year-round program of the Denver Film Society that not only celebrates the art and achievements of female filmmakers around the world but also brings together an array of scholars, civil and human rights advocates, community leaders, and concerned members of the public to shine the spotlight on social issues through cinema and the dialogue it stimulates.

Feature Films:

I Am A Girl, Directed by Rebecca Barry
I Believe In Unicorns, Directed by Leah Meyerhoff
Light Fly, Fly High, Directed by Susann Østigaard and Beathe Hofseth
Little Accidents, Directed by Sarah Colangelo
The Midnight Swim, Directed by Sarah Adina Smith
Mile High Magic, Directed by Karen Cruz
Thou Wast Mild And Lovely, Directed by Josephine Decker
Touch the Wall, Directed by Grant Barbeito and Christo Brock
Viktoria, Directed by Maya Vitkova
Walking Under Water, Directed by Eliza Kubarska
Welkome Home, Directed by Angelina Nikonova
William Matthews: Drawn to Paint, Directed by Amie Knox


Colorado's filmmaking scene continues to grow as a diverse and collaborative effort; each year increasing the number of films produced, and continuing to expand across the country both theatrically as well as receiving national and international festival berths. This year's Starz Denver Film Festival features a whole host of locally produced feature-length films and shorts.


Feature Films:

Father Unknown, Directed by David Quint
Keep On Keepin' On, Directed by Alan Hicks
Mile High Magic, Directed by Karen Cruz
William Matthews: Drawn to Paint, Directed by Amie Knox
Short Films:

Emancipation, Directed by Devin Hume
The Fire Line: Wildfire In Colorado, Directed by Meghan Lyden
The Maildog, Directed by Ryan Charmatz
Man On Devils Head, Directed by Daniel Fickle
The Mortal Coils and Sanction, Created by 2012 & 2014 Episodic Television Classes, Film and Television Program, University of Colorado - Denver
muted. heart. strings., Directed by Colton Walter
Out Of Green Stuff Woven, Directed by Elizabeth Henry
Shut!, Directed by Charles Powell
Thaw, Directed by Sheryl Glubock
Wrong Side Up, Directed by Henry McComas
Music Videos:

Blackbird and The Storm - Black Crow, Directed by Daniel Beahm, Erika Randall Beahm
Faceman - Yes, Directed by Greg Carr
Gregory Alan Isakov - Amsterdam, Directed by Laura Goldhamer


Environmental advocacy has become a powerful cultural touchstone; as such, it is a core concern for the 2014 Starz Denver Film Festival. The Environment in Focus program features six cutting edge documentaries that have the ability to inspire audiences to make a difference through their interactions with the natural world.

Feature Films:

A Dangerous Game, Directed by Anthony Baxter
SlingShot, Directed by Paul Lazarus
This Time Next Year, Directed by Jeff Reichert, Farihah Zaman
ThuleTuvalu, Directed by Matthias von Gunten
Walking Under Water, Directed by Eliza Kubarska
Wrenched, Directed by ML Lincoln


The Music Video Mixtape returns this year louder than ever. Featuring a selection of the best new music videos from around the world, this compilation features funny, provocative, and mesmerizing work within a wide range of music genres. In a post-MTV era, music videos are seldom seen outside of a computer screen. The Music Video Mixtape strives to rectify this loss if only for two evenings with surround sound and a big screen to jam out to.


Music Videos:

Benjamin Verdoes - So Bari, Directed by Tristan Seniuk
Billion ft. Maxine Ashley - Special, Directed by Roboshobo
Blackbird and The Storm - Black Crow, Directed by Daniel Beahm, Erika Randall Beahm
Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock, Directed by Andrii Kovalov
Christopher Bono - Unity, Directed by Tobias Stretch
Clipping - Inside Outside, Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Clipping (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) - Work Work, Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
DyE feat. Egyptian Lover - She's Bad, Directed by Dent de Cuir
Exit Hoods - Spooky Actions In The Distance, Directed by Ilya Simakov
Faceman - Yes, Directed by Greg Carr
Gregory Alan Isakov - Amsterdam, Directed by Laura Goldhamer
Hundred Waters - Cavity, Directed by Michael Langan
Irma - Save Me, Directed by Xavier Maingon
Joywave - Tongues ft. Kopps, Directed by DANIELS
Kidkanevil ft. Cuushe & Submerse - Butterfly/Satellite, Directed by Sankaku
Leon - 2033, Directed by Thomas Blanchard
Real Estate - Crime, Directed by Tom Scharpling
Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare, Directed by THUNDERLIPS
Son Lux - Lanterns Lit, Directed by SJ Finlay
Throwing Snow feat. Adda Kaleh - The Tempest, Directed by Rick Robin
Thundercat - Tron Song, Directed by Eric Andre
Tiny Victories - Drinking With Your Ghost, Directed by Brian Bowman
Walking with Elephants - Ten Walls, Directed by Nez


This past year the Denver Film Society partnered with the Stanley Hotel to produce the Stanley Film Festival. This unique four-day event showcases classic and contemporary independent horror cinema all set at the haunted and historic Stanley Hotel in beautiful Estes Park, CO. To continue this spooky fun year round, SDFF presents Stanley Nights, an offering of horrific, bizarre, and at times darkly comedic fare throughout the festival. Save the date for next year's Stanley Film Festival, April 30-May 3, 2015.


Feature Films:

Allelulia, Directed by Fabrice Du Weiz
The Incident, Directed by Isaac Ezban
Killers, Directed by The Mo Brothers
Norway, Directed by Yannis Vesiemes
Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, Directed by Josephine Decker


The Denver Film Society's Filmmaker Focus offers a robust series of programs to support filmmaking in Colorado. Filmmaker Focus is in partnership with Colorado Film and Video Association and Colorado Office of Film Television Media.


Financing Your Project

Our series of industry-related panels continues with an informative look at organizations that help filmmakers realize their visions. Robert Denerstein will moderate a panel featuring Mynette Louie of GameChanger, a for-profit film fund devoted to financing narrative features by women; Jenni Wolfson of Chicken & Egg Pictures, a nonprofit film fund dedicated solely to supporting women documentary film directors; and Jason Berman and Molly O'Brien of Catalyst Films, which develops and produces nonfiction feature films, television and web content.

Saturday, November 15 (3:00pm), RedLine

The Business of the Art: A Conversation with Michael Beugg and Irwin Rappaport

Join Producer Michael Beugg (Up in the Air, Thank you for Smoking) and Entertainment Lawyer Irwin Rappaport (Zero Dark Thirty, The Grand Budapest Hotel) for an in-depth conversation on producing and packaging films.

Sunday, November 16 (12:30pm), RedLine

Music Composition Intensive with Charles Denler

Join Emmy®-winning composer Charles Denler for an in-depth look at composing the music that makes movie magic happen. Music is the unspoken narrative, a voice that guides the viewer into a deeper understanding of the director's vision. With nearly 200 film and television scores, and over 2,000 concerts to his credit, Denler's multiple Emmy® Award-winning music can be heard all over the world.

Sunday, November 16 (3:30pm), RedLine


Davis Coombe: The Editor's Art

Davis Coombe is the creative director of milkaus, an award-winning Denver-based production company and post-production house that specializes in documentary content. Coombe has worked as a producer, director, cinematographer, and editor. Robert Denerstein will highlight Coombe's role as an editor in a lively and informative program designed to enhance audience appreciation of the editor's art. Among the films Coombe has edited: Iron Ladies of Liberia, They Killed Sister Dorothy, the Oscar®-winning short Saving Face, and the eagerly anticipated Keep on Keepin' On. Coombe will show clips and discuss the editing choices that go into telling stories.

Thursday, November 13 (7:00pm), UA Pavilions
Examining Ebert

Prolific, influential and beloved by his audience, Roger Ebert became the best-known film critic in cinema history. Robert Denerstein moderates a panel that will examine Ebert's work, and his unique status as a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper critic who achieved fame and success on television, the popular Siskel & Ebert at The Movies. Our panel, which includes National Public Radio's Howie Movshovitz, critic David Thomson, critic Joe Leydon and perhaps a surprise or two, won't be turning thumbs up or down on Ebert, but trying to evaluate Ebert's criticism, posing questions about his role and discussing how celebrity can impact the critical enterprise.

Saturday, November 15 (11:30am), Sie FilmCenter


David Thomson Presents: The Drop

One of the most entertaining and provocative authors to write about film, Thomson brings sharp-edged insight to everything he does. In addition to contributing to major publications, Thomson is the author of numerous books, including "Moments That Made the Movies," "The Big Screen: The Story of Movies," and the incomparable "New Biographical Dictionary of Film: Fifth Edition." Thomson, who reviews for The New Republic, will present a special screening of The Drop, calling attention to the work of Tom Hardy, the British actor who Thomson regards as "one of the most dynamic and turbulent actors of the new century."

Saturday, November 15 (1:45pm), Sie FilmCenter


Women+Film: Film Fatales

This year, SDFF is proud to showcase some of the best rising talent among American independent female directors. In an area of storytelling traditionally considered a "boys club," these bold stories about women, made by women, use re-imagined genre elements to entrance the audience. I Believe In Unicorns, The Midnight Swim and Thou Wast Mild And Lovely juxtapose nature with female sexuality, be it entering into adulthood or child rearing, to visually explore the uniqueness or sometimes fear that goes along with womanhood. These three films boldly rethink narrative genre: I Believe In Unicorns; a fantasy, day-dreaming, road trip movie (using the beautiful play of light on 16mm and super 8mm film); The Midnight Swim, a family drama with a supernatural twist that follows three daughters reconciliation after their mother's death; and Thou Wast Mild And Lovely, a surrealist take on the horror genre where a farmer's daughter and the summer hired hand prove private thoughts, nightmares and the silences in between are the truly unnerving elements in a pastoral environment.

Sunday, November 16 (11:30am), UA Pavilions


25 Years Post Cassavetes

Hard to believe, but it has been 25 years since the Starz Denver Film Festival gave the first Cassavetes Award to director Steven Soderbergh, whose breakthrough sex, lies, and videotape transformed the world of independent films. Robert Denerstein moderates a panel that will look at the changes that have rocked the independent film world in the 25 years since the Cassavetes Award made its debut.

Sunday, November 23 (11:30am), Sie FilmCenter



Advanced tickets ($12 DFS member/$15.50 non-member) for advanced Red Carpet packages and Touch the Wall only are on sale now online at or at the SDFF main box office location at the Sie FilmCenter (2510 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206). Individual tickets for all remaining films will go on sale to Denver Film Society members on Wednesday, October 29 and to the general public on Friday, October 31.

Patron Packages are available for advanced ticket selection and to ensure seating at Red Carpet and Special Presentations. Contact Alison Greenberg to purchase a Patron Package at (303) 595-3456 ext. 229 or

Red Carpet Presentations will take place at the Buell Theatre. Special Presentations and regular screenings will take place at UA Denver Pavilions Stadium 15 and the Sie FilmCenter.

Press accreditation is now open and closes on Tuesday, October 28. Click here to apply. For an advance screening link, film stills or interview requests email:

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