Steel Magnolia, the hot new duo consisting of former CMT Can You Duet winners Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey, have had to get used to the pressures of the road pretty fast.  It's taken time for the couple to get used to the pace, yet also fit in the creative time that both crave.

And now they've stumbled onto a way by taking it to their website and 'Steeling the Covers.'   Meghan explained to AOL's The Boot:

"What we've decided is that we're going to do the No. 1 song on the pop chart each week," Megan tells The Boot. "This allows us to be very creative, because we have to make it work for us."

And that isn't always easy, especially with last week's tune, Katy Perry's 'E.T.' "That song is very robotic and produced," Megan acknowledges. "We're trying to make things work just with the guitar and us."

Joshu also explained the importance of escaping the rut that touring often presents:

"We'd been going a month straight not having any break at all, and I was about ready to crack," he reveals. "Once we got out there in the islands, after a couple of days, I found it was still natural to want to play music all the time. You don't realize that when you're always being paid to."  

The name was selected from fans' suggestions, and those same fans are another big reason why Meghan and Josh wanted to go in this direction.  Not only will they be able to connect more often but it lets them stretch that creativeness, as well. 

Sounds cool to us!  Be sure to check them out at