If you've been single for a while and can't figure out why, it might be because you're making one of these common mistakes according to a recent study of singles. 

Match.com published a revealing article that hits close to home for single people in a dating rut.  If you would like to get out and date more, be sure you're not limiting yourself by making these mistakes.

1.  You don't get out and socialize often enough.  Staying in and binge watching reruns of your favorite TV shows can sound appealing after a long day or week of work, but it's not going to help you get dates.

2.  You keep dating the same type of person over and over again.  If your last few relationships failed miserably, it's probably time to reassess and make some changes

3.  You have a "friend with benefits."  Having a sure thing is such a tempting option, it'll probably keep you from meeting someone who's dating material.

And if you're hoping it develops into an actual relationship, you're wasting your time.

4.  You're still hung up on an ex.  The last thing anyone wants to hear about is how big a jerk your ex is.  If you've still got some baggage from a past relationship, deal with it before trying to jump into something new.

Source: (Match.com)