Around Christmas each year, we are tempted to apply for store credit cards at places like Target, The Gap and Sears, even though they tend to have really high interest rates.  But according to, here are four places where store credit cards are not a total rip-off.

Kohl's- There's no annual fee and you get 20% off your next order.  Then they will send you a coupon for 15% off in the mail and one coupon a month that gets you between 15 and 30% off.

Best Buy - You can either get 5% back in credit, or six months of no interest on purchases over $150 and 18 months if you spend more than $430.  You also get free shipping on anything over $35.  And again, no annual fee.

Victoria's Secret - If you spend more than $250 a year, you get 4% back in store credit.  And you get double the reward points for any bras you buy.  So that one makes sense if you ALREADY spend $250 a year there.  If you don't, maybe not.

Wal-Mart - If you buy gas, you get five cents off per gallon, which isn't much.  But if you're rebuilding your credit, it's one of the easiest cards to get approved for.  And if you sign up for online statements, they send you your credit score each month.

Just a reminder from that with any credit card, you need to stay under 10% of your limit to improve your credit.