"Hi everybody...It's 12:07 at KLAC.  I'm Jennifer Nettles and here's that hot new one from Sugarland-Little Miss!!"

That's what I imagine listeners are hearing on AM 570 KLAC.  That's because Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush just inked a deal with A.P.E. Radio to program their very own radio station.  Take that, competition!

The Boot is reporting that the duo will feature their own music as well as music from their favorite artists--from country and rock, rock, to new wave to soul.

"I'm so excited to give fans this look behind the curtain at Sugarland and show what makes Kristian and me tick," says Jennifer. "People may be surprised about some of our musical influences, and we've got some great stories to share."

Another reason you'll be hooked--the unique chemistry between Jennifer and Kristian that sets them apart, and forges creativity.  Kristian explains:

"We are really lucky," says Kristian. "Country music is often built in such a way that separates singers from the song. We don't do that. We write all our own songs and we write about thing we know. In that way, we find a connection with the people around us."

Yeah, but will they have 'Seize the Deal?'  Check out the Sugarland radio station.  Will you be tuning in?