Hugs and hi-fives for Jennifer and Kristian from Sugarland!  The super duo just raised over $50,000 for Jennifer's charity, Attic Community Playground, which provides funds for music programs through involvement with industry professionals and community partnerships. 

A statement from Jennifer Nettles on her website reads:

Thank You!!! Thank you to all the wonderful artists and friends who donated tickets and passes to the ACP online auction. Thank you as well to all the fans who bid.

Through the funds that were raised, ACP will be able to begin to take grant applications this fall. Grants will be awarded to schools and music programs that are in need of funds to support their maintenance and growth!

Because of your generosity kids will get to learn, experience, and celebrate music. Your donations are also allowing students an opportunity to explore their excitement and passion for music. This exploration can offer much-needed self-expression, foster creativity, facilitate their brain development in the areas of math and language, or even inspire a career. (Not to mention allow them to have fun!)

If you know of any music program that could use a boost, get online at and inquire about the grant application process. A thousand thanks again to all who donated and bid. Your karma will be greatly enriched!!

Sweet!  Being what some might call a musician, myself, It's nice to see these kinds of efforts supported.

Okay, here's one?  If you wanted to create a charity, what would it be?