Sorry those of you who have a spare $4 million lying around and need to get your message out during the biggest sporting event of the year.  It looks like you're out of luck.

NBC, which once again will broadcast the big game and rake in kajillions (most of which will go to Madonna), has just announced that they've sold out their inventory for the momentous occasion.

This really shouldn't come as too much of a shock for those who know how this all works.  Super Bowl commercials are almost, and some would argue, just as entertaining as the football game, itself.  The network always sells out these coveted time slots to companies to display their wares.  The story comes from

What continues to amaze me is how dramatically the price has continued to rise.  $4,000,000!  For 30 seconds!  Recession Sushmeshion!  I have a hard time comprehending that Budweiser thinks that's a good financial decision.  Of course, I'm sure that CEO makes at least $220 million annually, so what does he care?  It's not just that I'm angry.  I happen to be very jealous, too.  When you think of the good that $4 million dollars could do, that will instead go to telling you about the newest website and flavor of Pepsi, I begin to cringe. 

But with that price tag also includes continued exposure.  We'll talk about our favorites around the water cooler.  Every website will be replaying them (for free) and telling you what the best, and worst ones were.  These ads will live on possibly until March Madness comes along and snaps us back into reality.  So, I guess they are worth $4,000,000.  My bad.

Still, we'll sell you one for $15.  Ka-Ching!