The Green Bay Packers got a chance to honor their legacy tonight and take the symbolic Vince Lombardi Trophy back to its birthplace.  They are the champions of Superbowl XLV(45).

In a game that I'm betting Brett Favre would have given his best phone images to play in; the Packers started running right out of the gate, capitalizing on Roethlisberger's poor passing for an impressive early lead.  They would never give that up.  It lived up to the Superbowl name, in a very close contest where the Pittsburgh Steelers would keep fighting until the very end.  As with any close game, you just can't afford the mistakes, and that would mark the Steelers downfall.  The final score was  31-25.  

All in all, and despite a somewhat forgettable and sad rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner,  it was a good night for some football.

What did you think?