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Donald Trump Unveils Latest Celebrity Apprentices – Oops!
I'd like to thank our very own Trisha Berry for scooping me on this fantastic story that I worked an hour on, just so I could be beaten to the punch. As you've probably realized, communication isn't the greatest around here, even though that's supposedly our business. Still, I …
John Rich Wins Celebrity Apprentice [VIDEO]
John Rich has gone where Bret Michaels, Piers Morgan and Joan Rivers have gone before him. The country singer joined that trio by winning the 'The Celebrity Apprentice' Sunday night, beating out fellow finalist Marlee Matlin.
For his victory, Rich took home $250,000 for his charity, St. Jud…
John Rich Next Celebrity Apprentice?
If you ask me, Donald Trump's got his hands full on the 4th season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.
Beginning tomorrow night, it's back to the drama, the board room, and to Donald's signature line, "you're fired."