Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo

Take A Ride Through The Entire 2015 Casper Parade [VIDEO]
Have your ever wondered what it was like to be in the annual Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Parade? I’m sure many of you have had the privilege of being in the parade, but for those who haven’t… You can get the experience right here! Take a ride with us through the entire 201…
C-Span’s 2014 Cities Tour Hits Casper [AUDIO]
In partnership with Charter cable, C-SPAN’s 2014 Cities Tour has taken Book TV and American History TV on the road and has landed in Casper, Wy. C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3 are featuring the literary life and history of Casper during a weekend in August on the public affairs network...
Show Off Your Singing Skills At ‘The Voice Of Casper’
"The Voice of Casper" debuts at the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo with vocalists from across Wyoming invited to compete in a vocal competition show. Celebrity coaches Trisha Berry, T-Roy, DJ Nyke and Lydia Defranchi. Enter your video submission now for your chance to be a star!
Why Does It Always Storm During Fair Week?
When the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo rolls into Casper you can count on a few things.  Delicious greasy food, great rodeo action, fun rides, and of course....thunderstorms.  I've always wondered why thunderstorms make their main summer appearance during fair week.
Don’t Buy Rodeo Tickets On Facebook
By now, hopefully, word has gotten out that if you stop by the My Country 95.5, Rock 96.7, and Kiss 104.7 vans at the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo, you will get free rodeo tickets.  This is 100% true!  I have seen attempts on Facebook to sell these free tickets.  DON'T BU…
2013 Parade Day In Casper [PHOTOS]
The 2013 Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade in downtown Casper marks a few occasions for Casperites.  Parade Day always marks the official kickoff of the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo, and it usually falls about mid summer, meaning that it is time to kick summer up a notch and enjoy the rema…
2013 Casper Parade Route
The Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Parade will be July 9, 2013 at 10:00 am in downtown Casper.  Bring your chairs, sunscreen, and get there early to get a prime spot.

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