Creepy Clowns Are Now In Wyoming
Creepy clowns have now also been spotted in Wyoming. We honestly thought that if we hadn't seen them by now, maybe we wouldn't. Of course, that's exactly when a few Facebook friends tell of sightings.
Facebook Scam: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
Facebook accounts are getting hacked. Facebook users are notified they have won money. When the user responds, they are advised they need to send a certain dollar amount to an account in order to receive their winnings. This is a scam!
Make Money While Using Facebook? Sign Me Up!!
Would you like to use Facebook to make money?  That reality might be closer than you think! Time.com is reporting that dozens of Facebook users took part in a survey to see which method, if any, would best help them to make money on the social media application.  Suggested options were &#x…
Facebook Study Reveals What Wyoming’s Most Thankful For
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook recently released a study analyzing the things people are most thankful for in each state. According to their research, which was based on posts using the terms “grateful” or “thankful”, the most distinctive topic that Wyoming resid…

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