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Wyoming’s Super Bowl Pick [Results]
Earlier this week we asked who Wyoming residents thought would win Super Bowl 50. There are just 8 teams remaining in the NFL playoffs entering this weekend, and with nearly 200 voters in our poll… here are the results: Denver Broncos 30% Carolina Panthers 14% Kansas City Chiefs 11%…
Casper’s Best Bar [Results]
Last week we asked you to vote for who had the best bar in Casper. This has been done a million times, but with some new changes in town I thought we'd see where you like to grab a cold one in 2015.
Lamborghini Catches Fire [VIDEO]
While on a test drive of a Lamborghini Aventador the car had an issue and after pulling savely to the side of the road – the expensive sports car caught fire! This was a dealership owned car and no one was hurt.  But plenty of bystanders, armed with cameras and cellphones took pictures a…