As October 22 draws nearer, temperatures drop and the leaves change colors — to red, if you will — Taylor Swift is amping up promotion for her new album, appropriately titled ‘Red.’ The ‘Begin Again’ singer has been teasing new songs, rocking out performances and, naturally, posing for cameras, as shown here in a series of ‘Red’ promo pictures.

The soft-and-stylish shots give fans some idea of what to expect from the 22-year-old singer, who has grown in all aspects of the word since her debut so many years ago. Swift, who already had a penchant for writing about her love life, has admitted that she dives deeper than ever before into her personal life with this album.

In the two years that passed since her last album, ‘Speak Now,’ Swift has experienced more heartache, most notably thanks to failing relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. She has stated to the press that this upcoming album will be one with many sad songs, but the soft lighting and romantic wardrobe in her ‘Red’ photo shoot suggests that despite the hard times, Swift still believes in true love.

Not only that, but the mega-star looks sassier, more stylish — and maybe even happier — than ever. Perhaps that has something to do with her budding relationship with Conor Kennedy?

With more than a week to go until the record hits shelves, Swift fans can curb their appetite for new music with a sneak peek at the photos below!