Taylor Swift has hit all the high notes when it comes to her singing career.  She's also a spokeswoman for Covergirl Cosmetics, and has acted in both a feature film and on network television.  So it should come as no shock that she'd like to continue down that path.

It's been announced that Taylor will star as the character of "Audrey" in The Lorax; the upcoming animated movie, based on the classic Dr. Seuss childrens' book.  Zac Efron and Danny Devito will be joining her in that one.

Taylor says that she's been pretty busy touring and promoting her album, Speak Now, but when it comes to acting, she's got her dream role picked out.

Can't you just see her playing Joan of Arc or Joséphine De Beauharnais?  What do you think a good role for Taylor would be?