The Social Security Administration keeps statistics on baby names, but they only include names that went to at least five kids in the country in 2014.

The website dug through last year's list, and at least five babies have been cursed with one of these ten ridiculous names.

1.  Swastik.  You read that right!!  There were also five boys named Nazih.

2.  Wimberley.  It's like Kimberly, but with a "W" for some reason?

3.  Sadman.

4.  Londynne.

5.  Billion.

6.  Princecharles, all one word.

7.  Ruckus.

8.  Dagger.

9.  Lay.  Seven parents gave their daughters that name.  What is wrong with some people??

10.  Jerzei.

Tell us - What crazy baby names have you heard recently?